Mind Your Emotions ® is a trademark of Barrett Consulting Group which is a parent company of a number of firms that have specialised in certain fields. Mind Your Emotions ® has specialized in the field of Emotional Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

Established in 1995, Barrett is an end-to-end consulting practice with a prominent reputation in the Australian market as trusted experts and advisors in creating high performing, sustainable people, teams and leaders. With over 50 years shared experience, the Barrett methodology combines process and person to create purposeful action and ultimately achieve excellence. 

By combining process, the knowledge about the skills, and person, the insight into self, the skills can be applied competently and embedded as a way of life. The Barrett Sales approach is grounded, practical and is based on distilling the key skill and insight so that anybody can benefit from the ability to effectively sell whether it is an idea, opportunity, service, or product.

We recognise the importance of minimising the impact of the way we do business. We understand the interconnectedness of all things and approach Sustainability Development in a holistic manner with a continuous improvement approach.  Rather than being just ‘another thing to do’, we see sustainability development an over arching concept that involves doing everything better and more efficiently.