barrett lead team
The team at Mind Your Emotions ® are a highly collegiate team and possess a 'roll up the sleeves' attitude and a willingness to get the job done to meet self, company or customer imposed deadlines. We partner with you in a 'lead team' approach where consultants assume a leadership role when they are the best qualified to lead a project, team or subject area.

When partnering with
Mind Your Emotions ® you get access to a team of experienced, qualified business professionals with expertise in sales, sales training, sales consulting, sales strategy, management, account management, customer service, organisational psychology, learning and development (facilitation, instructional design, production), HR, coaching, sales coaching, job design, competency development, psychometrics and Assessments.

When resourcing larger projects we have access to a team of qualified associates including instructional designers, facilitators, business analysts, coaches and business consultants.