At Barrett, we work with a range of proprietary Assessments and simulation processes to help people understand and develop their capabilities and achieve excellence through purposeful action.  Combining over 20 years experience in the use and application of psychometrics, we have a holistic approach to Assessments and partner with our clients to determine the most suitable Assessment for their needs. We only work with validated and rigorous Assessments, and use our comprehensive experience to localise and interpret the information for your organisation.

Rather than offering our clients a vast range of assessments to choose from, at Barrett we have taken the guess work out and instead recommend a ‘best practice’ suite of Assessments be offered for Selection and Development purposes which are reliable and meet industry and ethical standards.  In Selection situations, all assessments must be used in concert with other reliable Selection data and should be used to support the decision making process not be solely relied upon for making hiring decisions.    For both Selection and Development purposes, feedback and interpretation is provided by an accredited individual.