Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

  1. Am I worth following into the future?
  2. What is my vision for the future?
  3. What do I stand for?
  4. How well can I manage myself and my team and business in a crisis or tough times?
  5. How effective am I being as a leader?
  6. When do I lead versus when do I manage, do coaching (sales coaching),  etc.?
  7. How do I know when I am being effective as a leader?
  8. What happens to my effectiveness and the effectiveness of my team /business when I become stressed?

 Ways to gain insight

Out in the open:  Our personality is what we and other people see every day.  Our personality can be referred to as our everyday preferences or ‘dominant’ behaviours.  These traits will impact on what we like to do and in turn, what we are better at doing.  As with any personality appraisal there are no good or bad tendencies; just differences between people. It is those differences that allow us to compliment each other’s style and effectiveness at work.  By providing some insight into our everyday preferences we can learn how to better leverage what we do well and what we may need to focus our development on.


Beneath the surface: Motives and values are powerful forces that lie beneath the surface of any individual, organisation, community and country.  They are what motivates and drives us from the inside.  They relate to what makes us feel satisfied, happy and interested in our own life.  They may not be visible everyday or be evident in our behaviours; however they are critical to team culture and team cohesiveness.


Under pressure: How do we cope under pressure?  What happens to us when we crack?  When placed under high levels of pressure, most people will rely on coping mechanisms or their strengths that help them manage in day to day activities, but due to the pressure they actually become counterproductive tendencies.  We refer to these as ‘risk factors’ and they can emerge is our dark side. These coping mechanisms can become detrimental to your ability to build trust based relationships and impact on your leadership and management style.