It is recognized that different organizations adopt different strategies to achieve business objectives. But whatever the strategy, data measuring the people within a team/company is essential in assessing, measuring, and evaluating performance. Recognized internationally as the foremost integrated work based assessment system Team Management System focuses on identifying and understanding key work elements that prove to be a reliable and valid focus in explaining why some organisations  perform, working effectively and achieve their objectives while other organisations will fail.

At its core, Team Management Systems offers you and your organization assessments that reveal critical dynamics to enable the development of high performance in the work place.

How does it work?

Team Management System approaches are based on two visual models:
  • The Types of Work Model
  • The Team Management Wheel

The Types of Work Model

The Types of Work Model graphically represents the flow of work found in effective work places and highlights the nine key performance factors associated with work process necessary to ensure high performance.
Types of Work Wheel

Building on the Types of Work Model and noting that people tend to practice what they prefer and therefore perform better in those areas that match their work preference, the Team Management Wheel offers an integrated map of people's work preferences through identifying team roles.

The Team Management Wheel

For high performance, individuals, teams, and organizations must work to achieve balance with respect to people (as identified in the Team Management Wheel) and process (as identified in the Types of Work Model).
Team Management Wheel

A company should try to have at least a person for each type on board.

What tools are available to you?

There are a number of tools available to you each performing a different task:
  • ¬†Team Management Profile
    People tend to practice what they prefer and therefore perform better in those areas that match their work preference.
    Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual, team, and organizational performance. The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual's approach to work. Based on the responses to the TMP, the Personal Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual's work preferences, based on the Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.
  • Types of Work Profile
    Whether designing a new job or restructuring an existing one, the critical activities which the job holder will have to perform must be identified. The concept of "criticality" is fundamental to job analysis. The Types of Work Profile (TWI), a 64-item individual or multi-rater assessment, has been designed to determine those areas of activity, as defined by the Types of Work Model, that are critical to success in a particular job.
  • ¬†Linking Skills Profile
    There's more to teaming than just hooking things up! Linking -- the integrating of people and work process -- is a necessary to -- ensure high performance at work.
    Extensive interviews with teams and team leaders throughout the world continue to highlight common elements responsible for integrating teams into a coherent "whole". These elements are identified as Linking Skills, which need to be implemented by all members of a team, though often focused on the team leader.
    The Linking Skills Profile (LSI) is a 66-item multi-rater assessment through which a number of different people rate an individual's linking skills.
  • Team Performance Profile
    For high performance in teams, ongoing assessment is a requirement. The Team Performance Profile (TPI) and resulting Profile are tools developed to support this process. The TPI is a 54-item multi-rater instrument that focuses on assessing a team's performance in nine team performance factors associated with high performing teams.
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