We understand that getting access to quality, up-to-date and ongoing sales education and resources can be a hit and miss affair. Classroom based sales training and quality sales coaching can often be hard to access especially when you need it most.

Not content to wait for their companies to provide sales training courses, many top performing* or aspiring sales professionals look to continuously educate themselves.

We understand that to help you achieve your performance goals and sales results effective sales education needs to be continuous, ongoing, incremental and relevant – a little bit every day, every week, every month, every year to keep the momentum going and allow for an evolution in sales mastery and achievement of sales results.

So if you

  • find yourself wanting to learn more about selling and the sales profession
  • want to hone your sales skills or validate your current level of sales capability
  • want to get an edge on your competition
  • want to run your own business and generate sales
  • want to be the best sales person in your business or industry or be the best you can be

then our Online Training Programs and Online Resources are for you.

We have developed a new online sales education resource called Salesessentials.com which comprises the following core areas:

  1. Sales Publishing: How-to Sales e-books, Research Whitepapers, Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Sales Trends Reports, Podcasts, etc. (Please see www.salesessentials.com/shop for current offerings) 
  2. Sales Training: Sales training Programs
  3. Online Sales Training Read about Online training (online sales training) in general
  4. Benefits of Online Sales Training Read about the benefits that online training provides
  5. Online Sales Training Courses See the courses we offer and read information about them.
  6. Sales Resources: tools, templates, coaching resources. etc.