In a 21st Century world Selling is not merely a channel for marketing to reach its target!

It is a primary activity that seeks outs, creates and then harvests business opportunities offering fair value as an exchange!

In reality, marketing (if it is to be truly effective) should be supporting the sales effort, rather than the other way around. In strategic selling terms the old supply-driven 4Ps of marketing and has been replaced with a more customer-centric model – SIVA (Solutions, Information, Value and Access).

To be a 21st Century Sales Driven Organisation, Sales Operations need to turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking driving sales strategies create a sustainable competitive advantage and increase opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement."

At Barrett we know that Sales Stratgy, rather than being driven on a tactical (day-to-day) basis as an element of the marketing mix, should be viewed as an independent Primary Activity in the value chain, with its own, unique support structure and mission.

Barrett has worked with thousands of business around the world helping them develop and implement their sales strategies and achieve business transformation. This has given us firsthand experience of the challenges many industries and markets face, especially now that world of business is changing so dramatically.