Predicated on the guiding principles 'You cannot change anyone else but if you change yourself then others have to change how they deal with you' and 'Be the change you want to see in the world' the Mind Your EmotionsĀ® programs have been designed to encourage self mastery and personal responsibility.Ā  These programs are about 'preventative action' - taking steps to create a better outcome starting with the self rather than looking to blame someone else for our predicaments or finding faults of others.

The Benefits:
  • Making realistic self-appraisals about thoughts, feelings, situations, events, and people
  • Developing skills and strategies to help you better manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours for more productive outcomes
  • Be inspired and self motivated to grow, learn and make positive change
  • Creating opportunities to receive and give constructive and helpful feedback
  • Self Acceptance - seeing yourself as you really are, even if what you see feels unpleasant, being receptive to any aspect of yourself without trying to avoid it or deny.
  • Experience more positive emotions & less distress in your life
  • Be an effective leader, team player, colleague, partner, parent, friend, etc.
  • Better manage the effect of emotions on personal and team performance, and workplace well-being & happiness

We look forward to working with you on your journey.