The 7 Step Healthy Exchange Process is a 1 day session designed give people access to a practical and easy to learn communication process to facilitate better and more proactive two way communication.

Mind Your emotions Training Module 1

Timing: 1 day
Attendees: All
Follow up sessions, ongoing support and resources are available.

Key topics include:

  • Preparing to approach or receive another person
  • Knowing how to open a conversation and welcome people effectively
  • Recognising and adapting to different communications styles
  • Establishing and understanding a person's key priorities, issues or needs using effective questioning techniques
  • Listening to and verifying your understanding of another's priorities, needs, issues or wishes. Making sure they are heard.
  • Offering practical help where appropriate
  • Gaining commitment to move forward on a plan
  • Encouraging people to return and feel comfortable doing so
  • My Personal Action Plan
  • The Practice Of Doing It Now

The program is based on common sense principles which are not always commonly practiced and applied. It forms the basis of any interpersonal communication experience whether with colleagues, members, customers, parents, etc.