Cultivating Resilience, Drive & Wellbeing is a 1-2 day session designed to help participants take stock of their current situation, assess their current wellbeing, help set meaningful goals and try techniques that can help them cultivate happier and healthy lives.

Mind Your emotions Training Module 1

Timing: 1-2 days
Attendees: All
Follow up sessions, ongoing support and resources are available.

Key topics include:

  • Taking Care of You
  • What is Wellbeing?
  • The Power of Setting Personal Goals
  • What is Resilience?
  • Cultivating Resilience and Drive
  • Assessing Your Current Model of Self
  • The Cummins Wellbeing Model
  • Ways to Enhance Your Wellbeing ( days 1-2)
  • Building Vitality
  • Creating healthy work environments
  • Using the 3 Decision Questions to Make Smart Choices
  • My Personal Action Plan
  • The Practice Of Doing It Now

Participants will come away with a wellbeing plan they can being to implement.