Personal Responsibility & Effective Decision Making is a 1-2 day introduction to the 3 Keys To Responsible & Effective Decision Making.

Mind Your emotions Training Module 1

Timing: 1-2 days
Attendees: All
Follow up sessions, ongoing support and resources: available

Key topics include:
  • 3 Keys To Responsible & Effective Decision Making
  • The 4 Components to Personal Responsibility
  • The impact of Personal Values & Motives
  • How Role Clarity influences decisions
  • Consequences of My Actions and Thinking Errors
  • Cultivating Trust
  • A 6 step Systematic Approach to Decision Making
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Applying the Disputation Quadrants
  • Working with different decision making models (day 2)
  • The Bigger Picture – There’s Always Something Bigger Than You
  • The Bigger Picture and Emotional Reasoning – I, They, It
  • Reviewing Our Decision Making Performance 28 Day Decision Making & Personal Responsibility Challenge
Participants will gain a greater understanding of themselves, what they and others values, their responsibilities while learning how to make more effective decisions in the workplace and in their daily lives.