salessentials, the essential source for Sales PeopleBarrett has developed a new online sales education resource called which comprises three core areas:

Sales Publishing: How-to Sales e-books, Research Whitepapers, Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Sales Trends Reports, Podcasts, etc. (Please see for current offerings) 

Sales Training: online sales training modules and programs

Sales Resources: tools, templates, coaching resources. etc.

At we believe selling is everybody's business. This is not new, however, the way we sell and the way we do business in the 21st Century is very different from the traditions established in the 20th Century.

Today if you have an idea, capability, product, service, or opportunity that you want to take to market, or get buy-on from your colleagues or stakeholders then you need to be able to sell - ethically, honorably and effectively. was born out of a vision we had in 2000; a vision that we would build a robust online DIY sales education platform for people intent on being effective sales professionals.  We, like many of our colleagues and clients, were sick of the hyped-up motivational speeches, the tricks and secrets to success, the spin, the rubbish that pollutes the sales profession.